Income Opportunities

My top income-generating opportunities! As a resourceful marketer, I look for long-standing opportunities that have a low investment and high earning potential. I do NOT bother with the latest fad opportunities that are here today and gone tomorrow! My biggest priorities are longevity, duplication, and stability. Contact me if you have any questions at all.


The Conversion Pros – (Weekly Income)

Earn serious recurring income promoting a complete all-in-one marketing system used by thousands of marketers. Earn 50% recurring commissions from each direct referral who upgrades their membership, which is $50 per month. You get $25 per referral per month they remain upgraded. You must be an upgraded member yourself to earn commissions. Payments are made each Friday via Paypal or Global Wallet. Join for free and try it out for 2 weeks (no credit card) or read my full review.


SMS Phone Leads – (Instant Income + Residuals)

Earn instant & direct $37 payments with this instant-pay software offering lifetime resell rights! What you get is massive value for your money: 24-hr SMS phone number with auto text feature and ability to sort and pre-qualify your leads. You also earn 50% commissions on optional upgrades, which include the SMS blaster that blasts your opportunity to hot sms prospects. The other optional upgrade is the Ringless software, priced at $100. Get access now


Press1Cash – (Instant Income)

This text responder software pays way more than SMS Phone Leads – $200 instant commissions. I recommend it for anyone who wants to earn higher commissions than with SMS Phone Leads. Press1Cash has a 1-up comp plan where you pass up your first and only sale to your sponsor, but in return your referrals also do the same. Get lifetime access for $297


Easy Cash 4 Ads – (Leveraged Income)

This super simple $19 (one-time) program features a 2-up compensation plan and offers massive advertising for your primary business. The $9 is for your hosting and the remaining $10 goes to your sponsor. All your referrals must view your ad of choice for 25 seconds when they log in! You ad will also circulate throughout the entire network while you receive an endless stream of $10. Payments are made to your Transferwise account. Join for just $19


HB Naturals – (Daily Income)

Join for free and earn daily, real-time commissions whenever you refer someone to your FREE storefront and they make a purchase. No personal purchase required to earn daily income! Simply promote your free website and GET PAID in real-time! HB Naturals is widely recognized for their organic, plant-based wellness product line including CBD, superfoods, minerals, weight loss, pet care, skin care, and more! Get a free membership.